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Caixa Amplificada Voxoa K50 R$2.690,00

 The VOXOA K50 monitors provide a smooth response that is accurate, and at the same time, pleasant to listen to.

 • Two-way, active studio monitor with ported, tuned enclosure, providing extremely accurate monitoring for recording studio, post-production and multi-media applications.
• The K50 Series employs woven carbon fi ber, butyl surround woofers, and as a result, each monitor produces a tight and controlled low frequency response.
• 1.25-inch silk-dome tweeter with Ferro fluid cooled neodymium magnet, provides sweet and accurate high frequency response for the K50 series with low distortion.
• The K50 features active electronics including a Bi-Amp power amplifi er with 50 watts of low frequency power and 25 watts for the high frequency power.
• Active crossover utilizing a multi-pole design for linear response from bottom to top.
• Interfacing the monitors to most any -10 or + 4dB signal source is quick and easy thanks to the K50 assortment of input connectors. The K50 has a balanced input on a TRS 1/4-inch jack and unbalanced input on an RCA jack
• A/V shielded for multimedia applications providing clean operation near computer monitors.
• MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) construction, extremely rigid, delivering maximum SPL.
• The K50 monitors fit in any décor and thanks to their black lacquer finished baffle they provide an attractive enhancement to any control room.

Self-powered, 2-way, Near-field Reference Monitors
The K50 are self-powered, 2-way, near-field reference monitors, featuring robust power, advanced electronics and custom designed drive units. For pristine highs, the K50 boasts a 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter, set upon a custom designed waveguide.

Sweet, While Clear and Accurate High Frequency
The tweeter’s voice coil is cooled with Ferro fluid and the use of an external heat sink adds to its increased power handling. The result is a wide, linear response producing high frequencies that are sweet, while clear and accurate.

Punchy and Focused Bass Frequency
For the low frequency response, the K50 employs proprietary low frequency woofers with woven carbon fiber cones, butyl surrounds and heavy duty motors. The woofers are well matched to the tuned enclosures and provide punchy and focused bass frequency response.

Carefully Designed Crossovers 
The monitors’ crossovers have been carefully designed with high quality components insuring a linear frequency and phase response.

Tuned Vent Port
The K50 enclosures are constructed from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and are fi nished in scuff resistant, vinyl covering with painted gloss black baffl es. The monitor’s enclosures also include a tuned vent port that provides extended low-end response, and with a low turbulence design, the low frequency driver can move freely with minimal effect on the overall impedance.

Variety of Input Connections
On the rear of the enclosure, you’ll fi nd the K50 control panel, which features a variety of input connections including a 1/4-inch TRS balanced input and an RCA unbalanced input. These inputs are connected to K50 internal active crossover and bi-amp power module providing 50 watts of power for the low frequency woofer and 25 watts of power to the high frequency tweeter. You will also find the pre-amp controls, Volume knob, used to adjust the overall level of the internal power amplifier. The K50 has been designed to provide flat, accurate monitoring,


WOOFER : 5.25”, (133mm) Woven Carbon Fiber Woofer With Butyl Surround,
TWEETER :1.25-inch (31.75mm) Silk Dome , Ferro-Fluid Cooled Tweeter

CROSSOVER FREQUENCY : 2.3KHz, multi-pole fi lter

UNBALANCED : -10dBV Line Level
BALANCED : +4dBu Line Level
CONNECTOR : 1/4-inch Phone TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve)

CONSTRUCTION : MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
FINISH : Black Textured Vinyl covering, painted gloss black baffl e
DIMENSIONS : 188mm (W )x 288mm (H)x 215mm (D)
WEIGHT : 5.8 kg.

Este produto está em nosso catálogo desde quinta 31 agosto, 2017.


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