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Amplificador Integrado LUXMAN L-505uX Consulte

L-505uX Features

- Portable A5-sized 2 channel PCM D/A converter
- Parallel the primary stage of the unique high sound quality feedback circuit ODNF to its 2nd stage and implement the high S/N version 2.3.
- Rated power 100W+100W(8Ω), providing forceful driving ability to all speaker systems.
- High inertia power supply with its combination of high regulation power supply transformer and high capacity capacitors (10, 000Μf X 4).
- Two high drivability low impedance large speaker relays in parallel.
- The input signal will generate the most appropriate and shortest root to the output, contributing to the new design of Beeline construction.
- Introducing high sound quality selector·switch IC which is also used in flagship preamplifier C-1000, to improve channel separation and cross talk performance.
- regulated power supply with lower switching noise Schottky diode from Japan Inter company
- High-accuracy built-in DAIR crystal for the digital input to minimize the jitter of asynchronous processing.
- Indicates frequency features via high visibility 3 digit 7segament LED display.
- Implements LUXMAN traditional round pattern PCBs and Spiral Wrap•shielded wiring and special-made components.
- No gold plating process for all internal spiral wire strands and shields but introduce unique OFC cables, making sounds more natural.
- Considering the delicate music signal stream, round pattern PCB implements match layout and wiring to pass signals smoothly.
- Provide selectable MM/MC phono AMP with high-grade reproduction performance of LP records.
- Able to coexist with AV systems and could be used as a stand-alone preamplifier or power amplier via Separate Switch.
- Able to coexist with AV systems and could be used as a stand-alone preamplifier or power amplier via Separate Switch.
- Adopt unique roofless chassis construction to reduce the earth•impedance rise caused by chassis eddy currents.
- Supplied with 18mm pitch RCA input, RCA outputs and high quality power cord terminated with large plug.
- Ultra-thick speaker cable facilitates its installation.
- Speaker connectors with in-line layout, compatible with Y-type connectors (A, B2 system).
- Larger ventilation slots on its top panel to improve it heat dissipation efficiency.
- Adopt latest Luxman standard size(the size of separation AMP series).
- AC inlet to connect headphone output connectors or power cord.
- Plaster White coloured enclosure, refined linishing processed top panel,front panel meters with LEDs which could be used to illuminate in listening room.
- A durable aluminum remote control to control the amplifier and a no-twist construction Luxman standard Power cord JPA-10000 are supplied.

Continuous Outputs 100W+100W (8Ω), 150W+150W (4Ω)
Input line x 4, phono x 1 (MM/MC) balance: line x 1, recording input/output x 1, separate inputs x 1
Loudspeaker Output A, B System (A+B output)
Amplifying Circuit Output ODNF2.3, bipolar, parallel, push-pull
Input Sensitivity / Impedance: Phono (MM): 2.5mV / 47KΩ, PHONO (MC): 0.3mV / 100Ω, LINE: 180mV / 47KΩ
Harmonic Distortion 0.005% or less (1KHz/8Ω), 0.04% or less (20Hz~20KHz/8Ω)
Frequency response 20Hz~100KHz (+0, -3.0dB)
Signal-to-Noise LINE: 105dB
Power Consumption 270W (rated output), 85W (no signal), 0.4W (idle)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 440 ×178 ×454 (mm)
Net weight 22Kg

Este produto está em nosso catálogo desde terça 10 dezembro, 2013.


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